"When mom showed me this pix of Bart, I almost fainted. He is one handsome dude with just a touch of attitude. After reviewing several other contest entries, I just kept coming back to this guy. Congratulations Bart, you are the winner of my "photo contest".


Bart lives in Palm Desert, CA with his owner/trainer, Robi Anderson. Here's what Robi has to say about Bart.

Bart was l0 weeks old when I adopted him from animal action league. It is a local rescue. He was abused because the lady who was caretaker said he would not like to be put down. He wanted her to hold him tight by her neck.

The adoption day was a Saturday Petco thing. I was shopping for cat food. I have two other dogs, nothing like my Bartie though. I said when I saw him, oh that face. I would love to have him, but I need to ask my husband and he is at work. Would you let me take him there it is l0 minutes away. They let me if I left my Drivers license which I did. I took him up and showed Rob and he said, ok honey if you want. I went back and adopted him.
He was so tiny. My cat was bigger than him. He at first had to have me hold him. I did. I took him everywhere I went. They are very nice where I live about animals. They can go almost anywhere but restaurants. I decided I needed to make something to carry him. I did not want to carry luggage carriers so I make shifted stuff temporarily. He loved it. He started to come out of his shell. He loved going, shopping and just watching everything. He is very alert. He is very smart.

I then had a trainer come to my house to give him obedience about 3 months after getting him. She was very nice and kind in her teachings. She started to teach me to train. I then started to go through training on agility and so did Bart. He is my best friend along with my husband. LOL. Everyone who saw him loves him. They know his name, not mine. People say that dog is a movie star. I started getting his picture taken. He appeared on travel section on news for Petco demonstrating safety pet travel. He has been up to hollywood and appeared on stage. He has come along way baby.

Bart has a personality. He loves to speak to you. He knows spelling. When he wants to go to sleep and gets in bed under covers. He does not want to be moved he growls and shows his teeth to you. It is cute. He doesn't bite and never would. He looks fearless though.

He is now two years old. Does many tricks and enjoys his life.

Thanks for hearing us. His mom and dad Anderson

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