Bestman MAXX

"I always like a man who is comfortable in a tuxedo as he is jeans. Maxx, something tells me you know how to reat a woman. Congratulations, you are the latest winner of my "photo contest".


Maxx lives in Manhattan, New York. I bet you figured that out. Here's what his Aunt Erica has to say about him.

"This is a picture of my nephew Maxx, a five-year old Yorkshire Terrier. The minute my sister brought him home, we all fell head over heels in love with him. Everyone in my family believes that he or she is Maxx's best friend because he makes us all feel so loved(but I know that I truly am his favorite). This picture is from my wedding on 9/15/01. There is no way that Maxx would have let this special day go on without being included. He was my husband Danny's best man."

Erica Safran

New York, New York

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