NBC Today Show
We were interviewed by Al Roker but Katie Couric spotted Chelsea and me in the Green Room. She was so excited having just read the New York Times story.
"She is so cute. Smile, Chelsea, it's time for your close-up."

That's what Katie was saying to Chelsea.
All these pix are from clips of the movie which they ran on the Today show. The two above pix are from Chelsea's doggiecam. That's her head in the pix on the right where you see me in the background. She has a great eye.

Chelsea is a therapy dog and a few of these images are from clips of her work at Cabrini Hospice. One third of the film is about her work healing people.

That' s the Lassie part of the film. We say A DOG'S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY is SEX AND THE CITY meets BEST IN SHOW meets LASSIE.

I'm single in quest of a husband for me and a Hollywood contract for Chelsea. That's the first two thirds of the movie.

Essentially, the movie is about looking for love. And how do you find love in life? Do you find it through your work and career? Do you find it through another person? What we discover after 9/11 you find love through giving love.

This shot is from the live NBC Today show appearance. I was using my hand to cover Chelsea's private parts.