"A Dog's Life: A Dogamentary™" has been an obssession of mine. When I rescued Chelsea my life changed forever. I knew that I'd have to share our story with the world, showing the incredible bond between humans and canines. Committed to making a dogamentary™ I had a camera built for Chelsea to include life from her point of view. I then realized that it was important to get the word out on the internet. At first, I was only going to use the website as a place to showcase the progress of the film but as I began to put it up it became clear that I wanted to build a global community of dog lovers. Every dog owner has a story to share. We are just at the beginning stages now and will eventually have webisodes, advice columns, chat rooms and databases. I invite you NOW to enter your funny dog picture and story for the "Contest" page. And please sign our guest book so we can keep you up to date.

I also want to thank all the wonderful people who have come on board to help in various capacities. Some have been on board for weeks, months, others have helped for a day or two. Many are recent college graduates. All are smart and creative. I couldn't have gotten to where we are without their help. The following is a list of those people. They are not written in any particular order, only as they come to me.

Aline Motta
Emily Reed
Emily Vargas
Michael Lee
Alan Pottash
Tim Reale
Geoff Bryant
Mary Torras
Jonathan Rattner
Vipin Sharma
Becky Nawrocki
Allison Wrightman
Bill Cote
Jeff Turboff
Lizzette Torras
Elizabeth Sandoval
Josh Fuld
Sofia Vigas
Barry Jonas
Miki Noam
Albert Lai
Jennifer Neal
Robby Mananquil
Criss Magana
David Teravanesyan
James Papadopoulos

Elizabeth Horn
Andrew Maroko
Albert Maysles
Darina Ivanova
Dina Guttman
Andre Yoder Harris
Camille Acey
Chris Perera
Kate Halpern
Zackery Irving
Lazslo Santha
Gloria Wong
Josh Zacharias
Michel Maitenaz
Joyce Maltese
Deidre Long
Kristen Amato
Tiffany Handshoe
Barry Butterfield
Sarah Shifrin
Michelle Wilson
Ray Down
Mark Khaimov
Roja Gashtili
Sara Bernstein


If you want to learn more about moi you can click on "bio" for a brief description of my background. Click on "interview" for an indepth interview done with me online. I welcome your comments. You can contact Chelsea and me at . gk cv

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