I completed university with a degree in art and then became a graphic designer in advertising and promotion. I went on to producing and directing several award winning multimedia shows. Soon afterwards I set up Kirschenbaum Productions producing television commercials for some of your favorite products: Pespi and Pampers.

In quest of feeding my soul and not my tummy, I started making documentaries, some of which won awards such as Emmys. Sure made my mom happy. I have also produced and directed shows for Discovery Channel, Lifetime TV, Court TV FOX, NBC, CBS, The Learning Channel, etc. I also write and develop movies and television shows.

A Dog's Life: A Dogamentary is my first personal documentary driven by my Shih Tzu star, Chelsea. We don't have a press agent. Chelsea is a publicity hound and doesn't let me rest until she sees herself in the papers.

If you want more info or dirt head to the "blog".