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Welcome to our first monthly newsletter. We've gotten so many wonderful emails and stories from our fans that we decided to create a newsletter. As you know, this all began when we started making a movie about our life together called A DOG'S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY. That was back in 2001. We hit the streets of New York looking for love. Chelsea wore a specially rigged doggie-cam capturing life from her point of view. 9/11 happened in the midst of our shooting just blocks away from the World Trade Center. Chelsea and I realized the most important thing in life was to help others. She became a certified therapy dog and she soon took her first person out of a coma. The movie was finished in 2004 and premiered on HBO/Cinemax in 2005 and has played and continues to play in festivals and at theatrical venues. We continue to make movies, produce televison and books. Our mission with this newsletter is to spread the word of the power of the human/canine bond and to build a community of dog-lovers.

In our newsletter we are introducing to you animal communicator, Catherine Ferguson. Catherine will respond to two of our readers' questions about their dog or dogs free of charge. Email us directly. Read below by Catherine's column for details. To learn more about Catherine, please visit her website. Oh, I forgot to mention she is also a Reiki Master and has a Phd in French literature.

Also, if you have a story that you want to share with other dog lovers or just want to speak to us, please send it in to Letters to the Editors.

We have a funny photo and story contest. Please SUBMIT on our contest page. The winner will be posted on the site and in the newsletter.

And last but not least, we are launching the CHELSEA & MOMMY ADVICE COLUMN. If your dog is having a problem, he or she can write in and Chelsea and I will give our advice independently.
We look forward to hearing from you and send you tons of love!

Hugs, Gayle
Licks, Chelsea

The DVD of "A Dog's Life: A Dogamentary" is currently available at our site at and will soon be in stores.

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"You'll laugh. You'll cry. You might even wag your tail at this charming documentary." LA Times
"Poignant bordering on profound."
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Our next screening of A DOG'S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY will be in Nyack, New York at Reality Bites September 8th at 7:00 PM. Check this link for all listings of future and previous screenings.
"There were so many wonderful photos it's becoming more and more difficult to choose the winner. Yorma really knew how to get my attention. I think Yorma believes he was competing for the centerfold of Pethouse. Pretty sexy but quite forward. You did it Yorma.

Congratulations, you are my new winner!"


From Yorma's owner, Mitch:
Yorma probably spends 22 hours a day lounging on the couch as you can see where he is extremely comfortable and has no qualms about taking up the entire space!  He can be found in this position most of the day....a dream dog!!!!
His underbite is huge and his tongue doesn't fit into his mouth but he is the sweetest creature I have ever known!!!


To enter photo contest or view previous winners click here.
Elle turned two in March. My questions for her: What is your favorite thing to do? What am I supposed to do when you‚re having an anxiety attack from the thunderstorms? Do you really enjoy eating another dog's poo?

As for eating the unmentionable, her response was "don't knock it till you've tried it." This is something to discuss with your vet. I've heard that this behavior results from a lack of some element in a dog's own diet that she is trying to make up for by finding them in the droppings of another dog. However your vet will be able to tell you why she's doing this and what steps you can take to prevent it.

Thunderstorms remind Elle of a traumatic experience she had involving a lot of noise. I believe it was a batch of pots and pans hitting the ground while a disturbing argument was taking place. You need to talk to her before a storm occurs. Let her know how much you love her. Then tell her that the fight she witnessed is over and done with and that no harm will come to her. Point out a few particularly "safe places" she can go in order to wait out a storm if she feels threatened. You can also try the Bach flower essences Mimulus which helps with known fears and Rescue Remedy for shocks to the system. These essences are available in health food stores and some pet stores. You administer them in the pet's drinking water. Use the Mimulus on a daily basis during the periods when there are frequent storms to help prevent the start of a panic attack. The Rescue Remedy is for dealing with the anxiety once it has manifested. Since she probably won‚t be drinking any water at this point, you  can put a drop on her fur. The benefit will still be available through this method.

Elle told me she likes to catch frisbees. It helps her show off her jumping prowess and her agility. She'd like to spend more time in the park. I think she'd prefer the deep woods, but she'll settle for a park. She loves the fresh air. Are you opening your windows enough? Maybe you could run a fan when you do to help change the air. Is your apartment filled with cigarette smoke? That could be why Elle is bringing up the matter of air quality.

Bella is my seven-year-old Tibetan Terrier mix. We've been together since she was 10 months of age. If she could speak English, what would she say to me? She is a peppy puppy to me, so, how is she felling healthwise? What activity is her favorite to do with me?

Bella loves you very much and feels very close to you and wouldn't want to be with anyone else. She did tell me "you are a sweetheart". She feels good and energetic. Her outlook on life is very positive. A few supplementary vitamins and minerals would boost her health and well being even more. Check with your vet about which supplements would be appropriate. As for favorite activity, she's showing me the two of you facing each other. You're throwing the ball to her or rolling it to her. She either bats it back to you or brings it back to you in her mouth. If you aren't already doing this, give it a try. She also likes being out and about with you. Bella finds you are an excellent walking partner. She's proud to walk by your side. She becomes very perky when you two are combing the streets.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask your dog, please email at least 3-5 five questions include the name of your dog, gender, age, breed, how long you've been together and attach a JPEG picture of your pooch.

Disclaimer: Catherine Ferguson's advice should not be taken as a substitute for a veterinarian's.
Her information is not to be understood as direction, recommendation or a prescription of any kind.  Nor is it intended to take the place of a qualified healthcare/wellness professional.  Further, it is not our intention to advocate the abandonment of traditional medical treatment.

From Buddy, the American Bulldog, otherwise referred to as the Master of the Universe .
"I'm the master of marking. I dominate the universe or so I thought. until I discovered the ocean. I was baffled. How do you mark an ocean?"

Chelsea's Advice:
Buddy, although I'm a female and as you know we are not known to be markers, I, too, pride myself in marking the universe. Regarding the ocean, I don't believe it is actually necessary to step paw into the ocean and relieve onself in order to mark it. I find I do my best work which is effective by squatting or leg lifting on the wet sand in as many locations I feel inspired to do so. The universe then knows I'm the king or should I say Queen?

Mommy's Advice:
Buddy, sometimes it's not necessary to physically make a mark in order to dominate a place. It's all in your mind. All you need to do is sit down, place your front paws a shoulder distance apart, close your eyes, inhale the fresh air, listen to the waves crashing and imagine yourself floating on the ocean. It will calm you down and you know that nothing can hurt you and it is all yours.

From Dusty, the Corgi, who is filled with personality.
My owner is always rubbing my nose with his hands. This is so annoying and I find myself barking incessantly to get him to stop but he seems to do it more. How do I get Mr. Hands off my face?
Chelsea's Advice:
That's one annoying human. I can understand your barking. Why don't you give him a taste of his own medicine and start going over to his face when he least expects it and start licking his mouth and nostrils. He might get the point after a few times.
Mommy's Advice:
Dusty, the more you bark the more he will keep putting his hand on your nose. He probably thinks you will stop by doing it. I suggest that you keep your mouth closed, let him rub your nose and he'll receive pleasure and be done with it. If you give him love, he will be loving back. Bark and you will antagonize him.
If you are a dog and you are having problems with your human, please email Chelsea & Mommy.
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